Soulsearch – events to shape your life


Soulsearch provides events helping you to find value and purpose for yourself.  Our aim is to take a little time to explore together and help you search out some answers to issues you’re facing at the moment.

Soulsearch Events


Meet The AuthorThese evenings are opportunities to meet lots of different authors and speakers online, hear about what inspires them and ask them questions from the comfort of your own living room.


Marriage Courses

Regular online courses both for people about to get married (Preparation for Marriage Course) and people who want to revitalise their marriage (Marriage Course). These evenings include a professional video and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

 Parenting Courses

We have two separate online courses – Parenting Small Children and Parenting Teenagers. These evenings include a professional video and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.


Exploring Faith Online

Do you wonder is there more to life than this? Join us to look at deep questions of faith.  Our Vicars and Pastors are there to help answer your concerns as best they can.



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