10 Minute Church

THIS MORNING’S TALK: Freedom From Fear Paralysis!

Do you find it hard to get inspiration to meet with God in the morning, or do you need encouragement, or maybe you prefer to meet in a group to pray rather than on your own?

10 Minute Church is an alternative to quiet times where we can meet together for ten minutes before the working day to encourage each other in the faith and grow in hearing God for each other.

We meet at 7.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of a weekday for around ten minutes. It’s free to join.

To join us on the mornings please click on the button below. if this is your first time then you will be asked to download a small piece of software and you’ll then automatically join the meeting. People will be joining from 7.20 on the morning on this link so save the page and join us then. See you inside!

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