Dream About Marrying Another Woman Who’s Not Your Wife

Maurice had a dream about marrying another woman. This is the dream:

“I dreamt that I am in love with another woman and that I am going ahead to marry her, this dream has been occurring over and over again for more than six times now and in real life i have a wife whom I so much love, we have 3 children and are staying happily together. Please what is the meaning of this dream”.


Hi Maurice. It’s always a bit scary when you have a dream like this where you dream about marrying someone who’s not your Spouse. You wondered whether you have subconscious intentions of being unfaithful to you wife. You don’t need to worry as this dream is not about that.

What this dream is telling you is either about a particular woman where your platonic love is growing for or that you Have a deep love grow into something outside of your marriage. This isn’t another woman it’s more metaphorical than that. You know what this is by the fact that something is rising up in your passions.   The dream doesn’t say what this is particularly nor do you tell  me if you know this person or not.

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