Dream about work – what does this dream mean?

dream about workDream About Work

James had a Dream about work That he wanted interpreted by us. Having a dream about work is a common theme. However, the interpretation can be broadly different depending on the elements of the dream and the spiritual insight behind the elements.

So here’s the dream:

“I used to work in an oil refinery in a small plant on my own. I made a product starting with raw materials and turning them into a finished product that was sent to the customer. Occasionally I have a dream which is always the same and it wakes me up. The dream is that I cannot remember the process  and cannot turn the raw materials into the final product, and because I am on my own there is no one to ask. When I wake I am still convinced that I cannot complete the process. I then realize it was a dream and I am mightily relieved. I have this dream invariably just before I am ready to wake up in the morning”.

What’s the dream interpretation?

So James this dream is about you And is talking about your confidence in work, particularly your ability in the workplace, and the way that you’re working. In the dream the root of your problem was that you are working alone and you are on under confident in your abilities in such an environment. I believe this dream is telling you that you are more of a team player than a lone worker. The indication is that you should be working in a team environment where you can bounce ideas off each other.

The dream it is also speaking of your fears of not being to do your job properly. You need to know that God says you’ve been given a gift in this area and you can do it. Fear is something that will try to hold you down. The dream is trying to encourage you to break free from those fears.

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